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Modern Library

Martha Wall, Director


I began serving as the Director of Selover Library on January 1, 2022, but I have worked at Selover Library since 2006. I enjoy my work furthering Selover Library’s goals of being a primary source of information, instruction, leisure, cultural opportunities, connection, and innovation for the members of our community. I have been working to increase Selover Library’s services throughout the Highland School District, so look for us out and about throughout our service area in Marengo, Sparta, and Chesterville. Before joining the library, I was a high school English teacher, a technical writer and editor, and a bookstore clerk. In addition to Ohio, I have lived in Rhode Island, Hawaii, and Virginia. I received my undergraduate degree from Bowling Green State University and my Masters from the University of Hawaii. I founded the Morrow County Homeschoolers group and am a 4-H advisor. I am married to Alan and have two children. We live on an old farmstead in Morrow County, where we have four cats, a snake, and a smattering of chickens. I enjoy camping, traveling, hiking, and attending concerts. I enjoy reading a variety of books: nonfiction, young adult and middle grade, romance, fantasy, mystery, classics, and literary fiction.

Julie Brown


I have worked at Selover Library since 2021. Currently I do our nursing home outreach visits, facilitate the Homeschool Book Club, help with Story Time, and work in circulation. My husband and I have been married for 41 years. We have 2 married daughters and 6 grandchildren. We also have 1 dog and 8 chickens. I like to cook and experiment with recipes for special diets and have managed to keep a sourdough starter alive for several years. My husband and I once traveled to Scotland and stayed on the Isle of Skye, fulfilling a childhood wish of mine. I play the French horn and piano. I have enjoyed volunteering in various capacities through my church, including teaching children, leading adult and children’s choirs, and teaching adult ESL classes. I enjoy reading cookbooks, gardening books, biographies, and books that are encouraging and uplifting. I love a happy ending!

Connie Henthorn


I have worked at Selover Library since 1994 (wow!). During that time I’ve worn many hats! Currently, I catalog books and magazines, take care of junior and young adult sections, and decorate the library. I’m a mother of 3 and now a proud grandma of 9 grandkids ranging from 11 to soon to be 18. They keep me very busy in their lives (which I love). I especially enjoy cheering them all from the bleachers while they play sports. I love to knit and crochet on many looms and enjoy gardening in the summer. I enjoy reading science fiction, mysteries, and contemporary books.

Brielle Kincaid


I have worked at Selover Library since 2019. I enjoy seeing all the friendly faces of our patrons as I work the front desk, I facilitate Story Time with the children at the library, I catalog movies, and I manage the library’s website. I’m married to Isaiah, and we have three children who have been an integral part of helping with Story Time; we love reading, singing, dancing, doing crafts, and doing other activities together. We have 1 dog, 1 cat, 3 hermit crabs, 2 turkeys, and 20ish chickens. I enjoy cooking, baking, camping, and gardening. I have enjoyed playing music since I was six, and the instruments that I play are piano and guitar (which I sometimes use during Story Time). I love traveling, and my two favorite trips include one where I went to Ireland (a dream since childhood, since I have a great deal of Irish ancestry in my family tree); and the other was a cross-country road trip coast-to-coast in the United States where we traveled 7500 miles, stopped in 22 states, and drove over 115 hours in 18 days. I enjoy reading historical fiction, cookbooks, classics, and DIY books.

Hope Messmer


I have worked at Selover Library since 2020. Currently, I work in circulation and create Take and Makes with Brielle. I’m married to John, and together we have 3 adult children and 4 grandchildren. We have a dog, several barn cats, a flock of sheep, and boar goats. I enjoy auctioning, gardening, farming, cooking, baking, family time, and going on adventures with my grandkids. We are a third generation Highland Local School family and I worked at the Middle School Library for 18 years. I have never lived outside of Morrow County. I enjoy reading mysteries, biographies, young adult, and children’s books.

Sharon Monigold

No Image person.jpg

I have worked at Selover Library since 2023. I currently work in public services and outreach. I lived in eastern Ohio for most of my life. I moved to central Ohio in 2019 and Morrow County in 2021. Greg and I have been together for over 20 years and currently live with my oldest son and his family. We have horses, donkeys, a couple of cows, dogs, and cats. I enjoy hiking with my friends and spending time with my three grandkids. I love watching movies and streaming TV. I like to read all kinds of things but some of my favorites are non-fiction, horror, fantasy, historical fiction, and graphic novels.  

Lindsay Starcher


I have worked at Selover Library since 2022. I graduated from Highland High School in 2023. Currently, I am a college student at Tiffin University in Tiffin, Ohio and I am majoring in digital media. I am a member of the Tiffin University Art Team where I enjoy paining murals, making ceramics, and print making. I am a part of the Tiffin University Marching Band, where I play bass drum and also participate in concert band where I play all percussion instruments during the spring semester. I love to read fantasy novels, write, draw, and play music. 

Mark Tingley

Mark Tingley.jpg

I have worked at Selover Library since 2022. I moved to Fredericktown in June 2021 with my wife Mary, dog Gracie, and cat Olivia. I have two daughters and three grandchildren. I spent 30 years in public education, and I have been a high school physics and math teacher, a middle school principal, and a superintendent. I have been a huge Green Bay Packers fan my whole life and have made a few trips to Lambeau Field to watch the Packers play. I enjoy Ham radio, chess, classic rock music, and electronics. I also enjoy reading history, especially about World War Two. 

Alan Wall


I have worked at Selover Library since 2006.  Besides working the front desk, I manage our Robotics and 3D Printing STEM Programs.  I also select and manage book requests for several of our outreach customers at schools and child care locations.  I’m sort of the resident IT guy; I run library reports, and help fellow staff members and patrons with computer questions. I also handle some of the facilities & maintenance issues.  I’m married to Martha, and we have 2 teenagers (Cora and Elliot). We have 2 indoor cats and several outdoor cats. I also raise chickens, enjoy vegetable gardening, and tinker with home improvement projects. I spent 20 years in the Navy, and during that time I lived in South Carolina, Virginia, Hawaii, Rhode Island, and California and saw many interesting things. I enjoy camping, traveling, hiking, and letterboxing. I enjoy reading science fiction, history, technology, and space books; and play the occasional board game and/or wargame.

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