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Off-site Library Return Drop Box

Book Drop.jpg

Selover Library now has drop boxes in Chesterville, Sparta, and Marengo to make it easier for you to get your materials back to the library!


Selover has installed two off-site library return drop boxes in the area.  One is located just outside Marengo by the Big Walnut Joint Fire District fire station and one is located in Sparta at the Highland Local School near the current preschool. Please give your returns in Marengo and Sparta a few days to be checked in if you still see them on your library account.


You can return materials from any libraries in the Consortium of Ohio Libraries, but make sure you don't return items that need to be returned to the circulation desk (hotspots, games, and cake pans are examples of items that should be returned to our circulation desk during open hours).

Please don't fill our book drops with donations. This prevents people from having room to return their library materials. We happily accept gently used books and DVDs as donations during our open hours at the library. 

Selover Library thanks the federal Institute of Museum and Library Services for this grant, awarded by the State Library of Ohio, which made these drop boxes possible. Thanks also to Highland Local School District and Big Walnut Joint Fire District for allowing us to install the drop boxes on their property. 

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