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Tax Information

Tax Income Reports

Tax Forms:

Tax forms and information from federal and state agencies can be obtained online. Printouts of forms/instructions can be made by patrons on Selover Public Library computers. There is no charge for printing blank forms, but charges for printing or copying completed forms will apply.


Choose one of the following options and follow the instructions at each site to download forms:


State of Ohio

School District Finder

Other sources for forms and information:


Tax forms by mail: (800) 829-3676

Tax information: (800) 829-1040, (800) 829-4059 (TDD)


Tax forms by mail: (800) 282-1782

Income taxpayer services / taxpayer assistance: (800) 282-1780

If you decide to skip forms altogether, you may use the library's computers to file your taxes online.

Library staff members cannot prepare taxes, provide tax advice, or answer specific tax-related questions, but they can assist you in locating the tax information that you need.

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